Fondation Leducq 13CVD04
Transatlantic Network of Excellence

Leducq Meeting March 14-16 2015

Meeting March 14-16 2015 in Tucson Arizona US, Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort: To The Website

New SarcoSi Homepage

The new SarcoSi Homepage is online now. You can get news and other information about the projekt on this website.

PhD "Summa cum laude"

Congratulation to SarcoSi new PhD Muzamil Khan!

Title: Role of MuRF1 and autophagosomal machinery in degradation of acetylcholine receptors upon skeletal muscle atrophy

Date: 2014 June 5th

Place: University of Heidelberg, faculty of bioscience, Germany

Transatlantic Network of Excellence

An award from the Leducq foundation over € 4.500.00 (1/2014 to 12/2018) to establish a transatlantic network of excellence. Participating SarcoSi PIs are S. Labeit (EU coordinator), Olga Mayans (University of Liverpool), Ralph Knoell (Imperial College), and Henk Granzier (US coordinator; University of Arizona).

Foundation Leducq:

Project FLQ 13CVD04:

PHD made by SarcoSi

Title: Titin role in muscle homeostasis: the kinase domain
Date. 2014.05.07
Place: University of Liverpool
Examination board: Prof. Belinda Bullard and Dr. Caroline Dart